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AMSB - Main layout and functions

Top tabs bar

  • Common & Social Accounts: changes modifed in these tabs should affect to all pages of mobile site
  • Pages: change invididual page per modify

Review panel

  • Template: original AMSB theme
  • Result: the live mobile site in action, with changes made

You may click on this section to switch the iPhone background image.


You and your clients may create UNLIMITED content with this integrated WYSIWYG Editor. Be creative for success!

Remove option

You may hide the field on mobile sites, with this Remove option by checking this checkbox

Apply / Get ZIP

  • Apply: review your changes
  • Get ZIP: if all done, download the mobile site, then upload to your live host / give them to clients

Load / Save

  • Load: load the last job you were doing
  • Save: save your current job whenever you have to get out